Enigineering & Constructions

Enigineering & Constructions

Starting from the elements acquired by the customer during the preliminary analyses, SitVerba develops the complete project of the plant.

Each engineering activity is developed with the support of the most modern calculation and drawing programs with the standard principles and international technical regulations.

Thanks to the experience acquired in the construction of the plants, SitVerba pays particular attention to the importance of the construction detail and the completeness of the engineering.

The experience and skills acquired over the years find their best expression in the ability to create complex systems.

Particular attention is paid to the organization of the construction site to optimize times and resources during all the processing phases.


Engineering and Project Management

EPC Engineering, Procurement, Construction


Consolidated experience in various industrial sectors

Ability to accompany the customer from the feasibility study to the construction of the plants

Knowledge of current and mandatory regulatory systems and cutting-edge information systems

Technical and managerial experience

The main customers